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Last time I started to receive many messages from different recruiters, and basically their messages look like "I have something awesome let's talk about it!" (smile)

Often I simply delete those messages without response, because I don't want to spend my time on useless (in general, no offence) discussions. And finally I come up with the idea to create this page with the list of questions I want to know answers before to start any discussions.

So if you received the answer from me with just a link to this page, please replay to my message with the additional details.

Of course you don't have to answer in the details on all of them, but at least I'm expecting to know the first three answers (bold). They are required part of the equation.

Here are my questions

  1. The role
  2. The company
    1. Name
    2. Location
    3. Commute options
    4. Parking
  3. The compensation
    1. Base (must be >195K)
    2. Bonus
    3. Equity
    4. Benefits
  4. The team
    1. local?
    2. distributed?
      1. overseas?
      2. timezones?
  5. Carrier grows options
    1. Review process
    2. Promotions
    3. Raises 

About me

  • Looking For: Full time
  • Career Path: Engineering
  • Years of Experience: >20
  • Authorization: I am authorized to work in the U.S. and don't need visa sponsorship
  • Interested in: Back-end Developer, Full stack Developer, Engineering Manager, Software Architect
  • Relocation: SF Bay Area only

Thank you for the understanding!
- Vagif (wink)

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