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DOWNLOAD PDF - Vagif Zeynalov - Sr. Software Engineer.pdf

Vagif Zeynalov

Email:, Phone: (650) 200-5558, Belmont CA


Generalist (Architect/Software Engineer/DevOPS/etc) with more than twenty years of experience.


Languages: Java, Scala, Objective C, Shell, PHP, Python, Shell scripts

Frameworks: Spring, Hibernate, Quartz, Gatling, Cucumber


Databases: MySQL, Cassandra

Platforms: Unix (FreeBSD, Linux), Android, iOS, Mac, Windows

OPS: Network (Firewall, DNS, DHCP, SAMBA, AFP, LDAP), Storage (ZFS, Sync data, Backup), Virtual servers, Apache, Tomcat, Email system (SMTP, IMAP, Anti-Spam, Anti-virus)

Clouds: AWS, Google Cloud, Azure

Work Experience

2016 – present                   Principal Software Engineer

  • so many things to do... will update it sometimes later...

2015 – present                   Tech Lead, Senior Software Engineer at Rakuten USA

  • Back-end services development in the core services department (AMGCS)
  • RESTFul web services (Java, Cassandra, RabbitMQ)
  • Load balancing (Nginx, LUA, Scala, Cassandra, Memcached)
  • Batch processing, migration from Oracle to Cassandra (Scala, Spark, Java, Python)
  • Integration and performance tests (Cucumber, Gatling, Scala, Java)
  • Architect solutions
  • The development process organization (Confluence, Jira, Jenkins, Git)
  • Code reviews and quality control (Git, Atlassian Stash, Jira)
  • Help to the junior developers

2007 – 2015                         Senior Software Engineer at LifeStreet Corporation

  • System architect and designer
  • Team leader
  • Sr. Software Developer (Java/Objective C/PHP/JS/MySQL/Shell)
  • The Database and Infrastructure designer
  • Reporting and analytics


  • Business Alerts (2015) – Monitoring and alerts for Business metrics.
  • IT Manager (2015) – IT infrastructure and network design and implementation. Network infrastructure, security, storage, backup, support users.
  • Mobile Ads (2011-2014) – Team lead, Mobile SDK (Android & iOS) for Publishers and Advertisers, AD Exchange adapters (RTB), Debugging tools
  • (2010) – DB structure and backed services design, B2B accounting role, B2C payment services
  • (2008-2012) – Team lead, DB structure and backed services design, payment services
  • The Payment role (2008-2012) – Design and implementation of secured credit card storage, and payment processor
  • Lifestreet Local (2007-2008) – Design and implementation of VOIP services based on Asterisk voice server

2005 - 2007  Technical Director, Intutel Ltd (Russia)

  • System architect and designer
  • Team leader
  • Sr. Software Developer (Java/PHP/JS/MySQL/Shell)
  • The Database and Infrastructure designer
  • Reporting and analytics


  • VOIP calling cards service

Personal projects

  • CallManager - an Android application to place phone calls through different routes like GSM/SIP/GoogleVoice to save money. Available on Google Play
  • Personal web and mail servers based on Amazon AWS
  • Personal VoIP PBX system based on Asterisk – to make cheap (or even free) phone calls around the World.
  • Home entertainment system – FreeBSD based NAS server with ZFS large storage for multimedia content available across many devices in the house network via DLNA protocol.
  • Daily backups of all media files to AWS Glacier (Project on GitHub


Turkmen Polytechnic Institute, Turkmenistan

MS in Computer Science

College of San Mateo, CA

Java Programming certificate

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