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Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!

© Carroll, Lewis: Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There

Vagif Zeynalov

Email:, Phone: (650) 200-5558, Belmont CA


Highly qualified Principal Architect with a wide spectrum of skills from different areas like Systems Architecture, Data Modeling, Software Development, DevOPS infrastructure and resource management. With more than twenty years of experience on Information Technology and Communication market of providing enterprise solutions using various technologies, platforms and programming languages. Having strong analytical, critical thinking, problem solving, and leadership skills. Focused on efficiency, quality, security and delivering business features in time. Passionate in the big data technologies.


Programmer Languages: Java, Scala, Objective C, Swift, Go, Lua, Python, Shell scripts, PHP

Databases: Cassandra, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite

Data Processing: Apache Spark

Source Control: GIT, Subversion

Clouds: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure

Platforms: Unix (Ubuntu, Debian, FreeBSD), iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows

Tools: JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket/GitHub, IntelliJ IDEA

Frameworks: Spring (Boot, MVC, JPA, Auth)


  • Infrastructure as a code with Chef
  • Virtualization – Virtual Machines (vagrant, virtualbox, vmware), Containers with Docker
  • Wed Servers – Nginx, Tomcat, Apache
  • CI/CD with Jenkins
  • Performance testing with Gatling
  • Integration testing with Cucumber (Java)
  • Monitoring with Grafana, Prometheus, DataDog
  • Networking stack - Firewall, DNS, DHCP, SAMBA, AFP, LDAP
  • Storage - ZFS, data sync and backup solutions
  • Email systems – Sendmail, Dovecot, SpamAssasin, ClamAV, GreyLists

…and many other things

Work Experience

2016 – present

Principal Architect at RAKUTEN USA


  • Solution Architect
  • Team leader
  • Back-end developer
  • Mobile developer
  • DevOPS


  • Mobile Tracking System – capturing, collecting and attributing events like clicks, installs, purchases from mobile devices.
  • Various web services

2015 – 2016

Tech Lead, Senior Software Engineer at Rakuten USA


  • Team Leader

  • Back-end developer


  • Rakuten Membership Platform
  • Rakuten Global Points Platform

2007 – 2015

Senior Software Engineer at Lifestreet Corporation


  • Solution Architect

  • Team Leader

  • Back-end developer

  • Reporting and analytics


  • Business Alerts (2015) – Monitoring and alerts for Business metrics.

  • IT Manager (2015) – IT infrastructure, network design and implementation. Network infrastructure, security, storage, backup, support users.

  • Mobile Ads (2011-2014) – Team lead, Mobile Publisher’s and Advertiser’s SDK for iOS and Android, AD Exchange adapters (RTB), Debugging Tools

  • (2010) – Data modeling and backed services design, B2B accounting role, B2C payment services

  • (2008-2012) – Team lead, Data modeling and backed services design, payment services

  • The Payment role (2008-2012) – Design and implementation of secured credit card storage, and payment processor

  • Lifestreet Local (2007-2008) – Design and implementation of VOIP services based on Asterisk voice server

Personal Projects

  • Personal web and mail servers (
  • Personal VoIP PBX phone system based on Asterisk
  • Home entertainment and automation systems
  • Data Synchronization and Backups


Turkmen Polytechnic Institute, Turkmenistan

MS in Computer Science

College of San Mateo, CA

Java Programming certificate